Jason WeberNetPrezence LLC is based out of Detroit, Michigan.  We also do business as WebPrezence.  I, Jason Weber, founded NetPrezence due to the fact that I saw far too many people “get it wrong”.

I’d see WordPress developers make an aesthetically-pleasing website with absolutely no relevant functionality, and — sure enough — the website would disappear in 6 months, with the domain up for sale.

You can have a beautiful website, and it can be visited.  That’s precisely what we do at NetPrezence!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) can have a negative connotation to some. It can be perceived as “tricking” search engines into ranking your page higher. Your website should be known, seen, disseminated throughout the internet, and — most importantly — visited! At NetPrezence, we refer to this as search marketing.

If you’re a business or a blog who plans on staying around for a good time with sustainable growth, white-hat optimization is the proper choice. But much goes into on-page, white-hat optimization including:

  • Quality content
  • Proper meta data
  • Proper h1 tags
  • Placement of key phrases
  • Speed optimization (which I could list 20 factors that play into this!)
  • Proper lossless image compression
  • And much more!

On-Page optimization accounts for roughly 5% of your total search marketing. An SEO plugin can only help you achieve a small portion of this 95%!



Genesis Theme FrameworkThere are many themes on various theme-selling websites that look quite aesthetic.  That is the role of a theme-seller: to make a pleasant looking site to entice users to purchase their themes.

At NetPrezence, we use the Genesis Framework.  Genesis has all of the functionality you could possibly image in a theme.  Additionally, there’s an entire community that deals with only Genesis-related questions and issues.

However Genesis is a framework, which requires a child theme.  At NetPrezence, we use Genesis child themes in conjunction with Extender, which gives you the same functionality as the Dynamik Website Builderchild theme.

A child theme is necessary in all circumstances so you have the ability to modify your website without being affected by future updates to the parent theme (Genesis).

Dynamik Website Builder
Dynamik Website Builder Interface

With Extender, design and layout possibilities are truly endless.  You’re not “locked in” to a certain look or feel.

The Dynamik community is dedicated solely to questions and issues relating to Dynamik.

For clients who we partner with that are married to a separate theme (which is rare, as you can do just about anything with Extender), we have plenty of experience working with other themes, whether they’re free, or from a website like ThemeForest.

There are over a hundred Genesis child themes to choose from, based on the look and feel you want.  But, as intimated, we’ll adjust the look and feel of any child theme to accommodate your wishes.



Now many think you can install a WordPress SEO plugin and you’re good to go.  Just wait for the visits to come!  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.  Most WordPress SEO plugins just create proper meta data for your website, which is just one of several on-page factors.

The brunt of your SEO is off-pageThe bulk of your search marketing work occurs off-page, which accounts for roughly 85% of your search marketing efforts.  Off-page search marketing involves primarily two things: link building and social media outlet creation.

But be careful!  Search engines are becoming more and more wise, so it’s imperative to be prudent when networking your link building campaign.

As a general rule, you’d like authoritative, quality, niche-relevant websites to link to your website.  This is much easier said than accomplished, however, and most people just don’t do things correctly.

Proper search engine submission is another important factor in off-page optimization.  There is much more to search engine submission than having someone say they’ll submit you to Google (whatever that means).  And unfortunately, clicking the submit-to-Google link in your web host’s control panel accomplishes nothing, albeit intriguing.At NetPrezence, we have over 12 years of search marketing experience, and we keep up with the latest algorithmic changes, as well as the trends and happenings in the world of search marketing.



Social media creation and optimization are a part of what makes good off-page search engine optimization.

Social Media WallAll social media outlets are authority sites.  Naturally, you’d like your business to have s strong social presence.

First, it’s a solid, white-hat link-building strategy.  Second, it gives your viewers more places to find you — and that’s what search marketing is all about!

Perhaps some visitors use Facebook a lot, or they may use Twitter a lot.  Giving visitors the information they want through a medium they prefer is a key to search marketing.

Lastly, you can optimally connect your social media outlets, which makes updating them a piece of cake!



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